Submission Guidelines


  • Click on this link to view a list of Works Received for Review on the SCTIW Review website. If there is a work you would like to review, please contact the Editor. If there is a work that you would like to review, but it does not appear on the list, please contact the Editor.
  • We request that reviewers submit their written review to the Editor within four months after receiving the review copy of the book.
  • Standard reviews should be between 1,000 and 3,000 words in length. We also accept critical reviews engaging multiple published works, which may be between 3,000 and 5,000 words in length.
  • Per the SCTIW Review Mission Statement, we seek reviews of works pertaining to the Islamicate world (whether in Islamic studies, Middle East studies, or other related fields and subfields) analyzed in light of contemporary philosophy, literary or artistic criticism, religion, political theory, cultural studies, and postcolonial studies. We also seek reviews of works in these various fields analyzed vis-à-vis the contemporary Islamicate world and Islamicate thought.Beyond merely informative descriptions of a book’s contents, we seek critical and creative engagements with the works under review. To this end, we encourage reviewers to reinvigorate the genre by conceiving of their essays as a cross between a standard book review and an academic journal article—i.e., a work of their own original thought in dialogue with the work in question, drawing upon all of the relevant resources at their disposal.
  • See also ‘Formatting Guidelines’ below.
  • Authors retain the rights to their review articles which are published by SCTIW Review with their permission. Any use of these materials other than educational must provide proper citation to the author and SCTIW Review.


  • Once a book review has been submitted to the Editor for consideration, s/he will identify two members of the Editorial Board or other qualified evaluators to serve as peer referees.
  • The referees will receive an anonymized version of the review from the Editor along with the SCTIW Review evaluation form. The referees will have one month to submit their report to the Editor recommending that the review: be published as is, be published after revision, or, not be published. The referees will also be invited to provide constructive feedback to the author, especially in cases where revision is requested, or the review is rejected.
  • Should there be an instance in which the Editor receives conflicting reports from the referees, then s/he will seek a third referee to evaluate the review and make a final determination.
  • Upon receiving the referees’ recommendation, the Editor shall then notify the author regarding the status of the review. If the referees’ recommendation is to publish or to publish with revisions, the Editor and the author will commence editing the final version in preparation for publication.



  • Reviews should begin by providing the book’s full bibliographical details in the following sequence: Author(s) or Editor(s), Title, Publisher, Date, Number of pages, Price (both hardback and paperback editions, if available) and ISBN number. For example:

Asef Bayat, Life as Politics: How Ordinary People Change the Middle East, Stanford University Press, 2010, 320 pp., $22.95 (pbk), ISBN 9780199795680.

  • The reviewer’s name and institutional affiliation should appear below the bibliographical information and before the review commences.
  • The review should be written according to the style guidelines found in The Chicago Manual of Style 16th Edition.
  • All references to the work under review should use in-text parenthetical citations; any references made to other works should be formatted as footnotes.
  • The review should be submitted to the Editor by email as a .doc or .doc.x file.